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Musician, Producer, Collaborator.



I'm tremendously grateful that I got to be a part of Trixie's Lineup the other night. A big thanks to everyone involved. To Echo Beatty, Daniel, Chris, Yuval, Trixie, the whole crew... I had a blast. Thanks for making me feel at home! Review De Morgen

Take a listen to "A Bullet For Love".

Thanks to the wonderful John Cremer and Thomas Ölsher at Railroadtracks mastering studio I now get to hold and repeat my newest expath. Can't wait to slap it on vinyl and send it your way!

Old 50's Neve EQ and vintage BBC EMI desk doing work.

This place is like a museum.

Koen "The Best Ears In Belgium" Gisen slaving away at the mixingdesk. Needs more bass! Needs more Vocal! Needs more reverb! Some compression!

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